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Why Us

Why trust Aram Machine to make your precision stainless steel products?  When your customers stick with you and rely on you, that tells you their experiences with you have been consistently positive.  So consider this:

  • 80% of our customers have been with us more than 20 years.
  • We are a sole-source provider for 90% of the parts we make.

This extraordinary customer retention and reliance says more about our consistent high quality, reliability and service than we ever could.  But we can tell you how we do it. 

We specialize in both short and production runs of stainless steel parts.  By not trying to be all things to all companies, we are better able to provide consistent world-class quality products and service.

Customer Focus & Relationship:  
We stay attentive to our customer's needs, and put the customers needs first.  We are willing to change and grow as their needs change.  We build close relationships with our customers, to ensure trust and an easy flow of communication in both directions.  We understand that a balanced relationship between OEM and supplier helps keep both companies stable and profitable.

One of our customers recently said to us that there are a lot of shops that can do a good job some of the time, but there are not a lot of shops that can do a good job all of the time. He felt we do a good job all of the time based on nineteen years of knowing our work ethic and dedication to making quality products. Our goal is to have you extremely satisfied all of the time, not some of the time.

We spend the time and effort to do the job correctly the first time — we “measure twice and cut once”.  We do whatever it takes to get the job done on time with consistent quality, and we always stand behind our work.

We strive to always take the high road and go the extra mile to do what is right for the customer.  We are willing to work extra hours to service a rush job.  Extraordinary service is what has won the loyalty of our customers.

Management Practices:  
We manage our growth in a manner that allows us to maintain our world class quality and service.  For example, we reinvest a large percent of our profits to improve our efficiency and quality of our products and workforce.  By reinvesting profits back into the business, both for equipment and personnel, we are able to give our customers the best value for their dollar.

Sharing Expertise:  
We work with our customers to help solve their problems.  For example, we often show customers how they can reduce costs while maintaining or even improving quality, just by changing the specifications slightly.  This is possible because we take the time to understand exactly how a part needs to function, and because we share our knowledge base with our customer. 

We have been in business since 1980, and our customers can count on us being available to serve their needs well into the future.  No crisis of a supplier closing down, no taking chances shopping around, no investment in someone else’s learning curve.  You are secure with Aram Machine Company.

We are easy to communicate with.  The owner is always available to address any of your needs along with his dedicated staff.

For those in the greater Boston area, if you need to stop by, we are conveniently located off Route 3 between Route 95 and Route 495.

Supplier Relationships:  
Through relationships with the leading tool companies like Kennametal®, Iscar and Sandvik we are always testing out new tools to help keep us up to date and competitive.



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